How Parents Shaped The Future Of A Prodigy

Clint was an ardent listener. He always insisted the story teller to mention all the available minutest details, so that he could visualize the same in his mind. Thus Lullabies, Fables and Epics formed Clint's obsession towards mythological characters.

Clint felt an instant connection with the renowned bird watcher Dr.Salim Ali, after hearing's his story from his mom. All those articles about Dr. Salim's quests through rain forests and other far away terrains gave colours to his thoughts. From then on, he started to observe birds even more.

Soon Clint asked his Dad Joseph to buy him binoculars to watch the sights and birds just like Dr. Salim Ali. Wholeheartedly Joseph bought him a pair of inexpensive binoculars at a Church fair. From then on, he spent hours leaning his elbows to gaze out of windows. Thus he had a chance to observe every streak of movement in nature which he had missed until then. He canvassed Migratory birds from far-away lands, cute Squirrels scurrying around the tree branches, deep diving Kingfishers and such lot many new subjects.

On one such evening, seeing his joy in studying birds, one of his friends gifted him a caged Parakeet which was caught with a trap. Euphoric Clint sat there watching the bird’s movement whole night, studied its every mood change and mannerism. He also noticed that the Parakeet was moving very uneasily in the cage. By next morning its discontent mate arrived, sat by the cage and cried out loud. In a flash, Clint asked his Mom to open the cage and let it fly away with its mate. She did just what her son wanted. Clint was ecstatic and loved that magical moment, flight to freedom. He stood there and watched the winged lovers till they flew away into the horizon.

By next evening, Joseph bought two new residents for the empty cage, a pair of lovebirds. As usual little Clint started to observe them from various angles to imprint their anatomy, manoeuvres, expressions, moods, postures and proportions in his mind. But he was slightly worried because he hated to keep the birds in captivity. So he formed a new plot and asked his Dad to buy him a new pair of lovebirds every fortnight, so that he can free the old pair. His ever loving Dad couldn’t disagree.

Just because his kid wanted to study birds and let them free, Joseph made arrangements with pet shops for a steady supply of lovebirds and bird food. So that Joseph and Chinnamma could watch the mirthful Clint, while birds left the cage with a tiny clap of wings.

Clint wished to experience the harmony of nature and some of his needs were weird for others, but his parents couldn’t agree more to their son.

Ever come across such exceptional Parents?

( Courtesy : 'A Brief Hour of Beauty', Ammu Nair )