The Mystery of Historical Talent - Clint

In innumerable comments and mails that we have received, readers have expressed their astonishment as to how could an infant draw with such magnanimity. The answer, we might never know

By the time Clint turned one year old, he grew into an ardent observer of anything and everything around. On certain days, his mind was flooded with ideas and he would draw more than 100 drawings a day! His Dad bought him 75 shades set of crayons directly from the factory outlets and he started to try them all out. Colours were his best friends.

It was Artist Mohanan who discovered the artistic maestro in Clint. After watching Clint’s paintings and his skills in setting up various structures in LEGO building blocks toy set, he commented that Clint was very talented and that his bold strokes very beautiful.

"Provide with art materials and an encouraging environment. Let him draw what he wants. He has something to say," Mohanan suggested.

For Clint’s parents, he was just a kid who drew because he was provided with drawing materials and encouragement. They didn’t foresee the little Child prodigy back then, but rather focused on doing anything they could to help him stick to his passion.

Apart from scenic landscapes, Clint enjoyed drawing birds and animals. He seemed to have great mastery over the anatomical structure of the living beings. His mom was a great lover of natural sciences, so maybe it was in his genes. Once, she read to him about the famous birdwatcher, Dr.Salim Ali. The story seemed to inspire him, as he started observing birds with even more fascination than before and started devoting more of them on canvas.

He had an in depth relation with the setting sun. It was his routine to peek out of the window to enjoy the evening sky in all its plethora of colours. One of his earliest doubts asked to his Dad were, “Where do all these colours come from? How does the sky and sun perform this feat every evening?"

How did Clint fall in love with colours at such young age? How could he possess such talents to observe, imagine and draw, when nobody his family had ever even inclined to arts? The answers, are a mystery of history it seems.

(Courtesy : ‘A Brief Hour of Beauty’, Ammu Nair )