Clint Memorabilia

25,000 paintings and drawings in a short life of 2522 days. Exceptional mastery met with an untimely demise. A touchstone of creativity at a very tender age, Edmund Thomas Clint lives on through his art.

Clint Memorabilia is designed to preserve the paintings for posterity through digital archiving. The sale of souvenirs and artifacts inscribed with the works of Clint intends to raise funds required for the project of preserving Clint art. A percentage of the sales revenue can be set apart for promoting less privileged children with outstanding artistic skills.

The products set for sale include Biography of Clint, Coloring books, Umbrella’s with Clint’s work, ready-made garments with Clint’s work, dolls with Clint’s characters, Fridge magnets, T-Shirts, Coffee mugs, Picture postcards, Paintings, Tea sets, Coffee sets, Coaster etc.

Buy souvenirs and artifacts and take part in this noble initiative.