Clint and The Power of Observation

You will find lots of artists at scenic spots, immersing themselves in their art of scanning the nature and canvassing the same in their own way. Some of them are almost like photographs, while others paint what nobody else could see and convey their story with definite brush strokes and colour combinations.

Clint was quite different, he had his own way in art.

He found time to observe what others could not. In some cases, his actions of observing and painting were spontaneous. At other times, he would immerse himself in the sight and take enough time to let the visual settle in his mind. After a while, (may be after a week or even months) he’d recollect and recreate the painting. His works were not mere copies of what he had seen. Rather, they were the definitions which he gave to what he had seen/experienced at some point of his short life.

For example, see the way he presented the butcher on his canvas.

He used to walk with his mom through the narrow market roads, and he closely observed the small shops on the either side. Once he found this butcher’s shed that lined a corner, and he started to focus on every minute details of the shop and the characteristics of the vigorous butcher.

This is how 2 year old Clint defined butchery. His thoughts were way ahead of time and other kids of his age.

Quite unusual right?

( Courtesy : 'A Brief Hour of Beauty', Ammu Nair )