The Beginning of The Prodigy

On May 19th 1976, Chinnamma Joseph gave birth to a son and her husband Thomas Joseph decided to name him after the world renowned movie icon Clint Eastwood, whom he was a big fan of.

During the time Clint was hardly 6 months old, artist Mohanan used to dropped by at their place and had long chats with Thomas. Mohanan was hired by the fisheries department for advertising and branding. Watching artist Mohanan, Clint witnessed the process of painting on a canvas for the first time.

Infants at his age are very restless. They won't stay still and focus on the same object for long. But weirdly, Clint loved to closely watch the flow of Mohanan's brush on the canvas. This must have made a deep impact in the infant's mind as was to be proven later.

Believe it or not, as soon as he started crawling on his belly, he started to draw circles on floors and that too, with near perfection. Child prodigy indeed!

Joseph and Chinnamma were also distinct from other typical Keralite parents. They never discouraged him and even bought him multi-coloured chalk pieces. Those days, he would stretched out his hands, swivelling around on his belly to draw big circles. Gradually, he evolved his talent into creating designs derived from circles – depicting flowers, birds and so on.

When chalk dust made little Clint's body swell, others would have controlled the kid's urge to draw but instead Joseph got him a new crayons set. By then, Clint could sit up with assistance and he found a new canvas right in front of him. He started to draw on walls! When the whole bottom end of the walls were filled with Clint's master touch, Joseph even gave him around 5,000 carton boxes and receipt books which were used in past. What followed really amazed them.

Clint finished drawing on all those within 3 months.

Joseph and Chinnamma are really to be applauded. They didn't restrain their kid from filling the bottom of the whole empty wall space with wide variety of circled designs. They were ready to fulfill his special needs and got him countless papers to chase down his imagination. They converted his dream into their source of happiness.

( Courtesy : 'A Brief Hour of Beauty', Ammu Nair )