Clint: Immortalized through Art

Edmund Thomas Clint (1976 – 1983), who lived in this small world for just 2522 days and gifted it with 25000 paintings. More than 30 years ago this child prodigy dabbled in colours on rough paper, with pencils, crayons, ball pens and water paints. Today the remnants of that brilliant art face the threat of inevitable decay. Through state of the art digital archiving Clint Memorablia intents to salvage and preserve them for posterity. It also seeks to help garner an international audience for Master Clint using the potential of the internet.

This social venture has been conceived and designed by Invis Multimedia which plans to raise the funds required for the project of preserving Clint art through the sale of souvenirs and artifacts inscribing the works of Clint. These include prints of paintings, picture post cards, fridge magnets, coffee mugs, letter pads, T shirts etc. This will ensure that more than 30 years after his untimely demise Clint reaches one million homes around the world. Overcome by a deadly disease at the age of three, Clint defeated death through his art. By resurrecting him from oblivion we hope to ignite creativity in little children and teach them to think different.

Dr.Venu V. IAS, Director General of National Museum of India formally launches project Clint Memorabilia. Clint's parents, Chimnamma and Joseph can also be seen in the picture.